Water Quality - Sustainable Aotea
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Water Quality

our water quality services, great barrier island

Clean, safe drinking water is a right that everyone should have, have access to or have the skills and knowledge on how to make it safe. Poor water quality can cause illness and it is the young and the elderly with immature or weakened immunity that are most at risk.

We specialise in water quality, sourced from springs, streams, bore and rainfall and the marine environment. If you want to learn more about the quality of your water, or surrounding water or ways to improve your water collection system them we are here to help.


Our services include:
  • Drinking water quality (monitoring, analysis, reporting and recommendations)
  • Tank water disinfection and treatment (using environmentally safe, non toxic solution) 
  • Compliance monitoring – commercial businesses
  • Maintenance / cleaning: water tank, gutter, roof
  • Freshwater: Ground and Surface water quality / cyanobacteria / algae sampling
  • Marine water quality / phyto-plankton / shellfish sampling

We offer a range of retrofit products such as leaf diverter, gutter guards, water level floats and environmentally friendly water cleaners.