Community Engagement - Sustainable Aotea
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Community Engagement

our community engagement services, great barrier island

Sustainable Aotea have long term relationships with the community of Great Barrier Island, Aotea. Being a part of the island community, we understand that the community has a strong sense of identity and well-being which is enhanced through active community participation.  Community education, awareness and environmental programmes have a crucial role to play. We will foster partnerships and collaborative relationships with the community and stakeholders in projects which are relevant and important to us all. Enabling and encouraging a true sense of community ownership helps to ensure a project’s success.


We can help with:
  • Supporting local people to achieve goals
  • Project delivery through a co-management approach
  • Recruitment of community members into projects
  • Delivery of educational programmes
  • Consultation with community and incorporation of feedback into project design
  • Facilitation of community meetings
  • Facilitation of community planting days