Ecology - Sustainable Aotea
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our Ecology services, great barrier island

Love our Environment

Great Barrier Island, Aotea is the largest island within the Hauraki Gulf, situated 93 km northeast of Auckland. We have a unique, wonderful and rich environment of native flora and fauna. Such species include native trout Galaxidae spp, Koura freshwater crayfish, Hochestetter’s frog, long-tailed bat, chevron skink, pateke, black petrel, dotterel, kaka, kereru, kakariki (and others).

Ecology is a term used to describe the interaction between organisms and their environment. Terrestrial, freshwater and coastal environments are intrinsically connected, and we believe in a holistic ecosystem based approach that incorporates the relationship between the natural environment and people.

Sustainable Aotea are committed to providing high quality ecological information, advice and technical services.


Our services include:
  • Freshwater Ecological assessments
  • Water quality monitoring and results reporting
  • Freshwater: Ground and Surface water quality / cyanobacteria / algae sampling
  • Marine water quality / phyto-plankton / shellfish sampling
  • Freshwater fish sampling and results reporting
  • Macroinvertebrate sampling and results reporting
  • Wetland and Terrestrial assessments
  • Fauna surveys and monitoring
  • Ecological impact assessments
  • Biodiversity assessments
  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Ecological restoration / rehabilitation plans (using locally sourced native plants)
  • Pest management